Female Dog Hormone Problems


Incontinence in Female Dogs and What You Need to Know

If your female dog leaks urine, it's important for you deal with this problem. Don't ignore female dog incontinence, as it can cause many problems for both you and your dog.

Signs And Symptoms Of Female Dog Incontinence

The most noticeable sign of this problem is a wet spot or urine puddle where your dog has been sleeping. You'll see it when she gets up. You may even observe that she's unable to control the urine leaks.

Your dog's bottom may also be red and raw due to urine scald. Urine is caustic and irritates the skin if it's in contact with it for too long. You may also notice that she's licking her bottom more often, in an effort to keep the area clean. This can lead to further irritation. All in all, it's an uncomfortable situation for your canine friend.

Another sign of incontinence in female dogs is frequent bladder infections. Bladder infections in dogs are more common in female dogs anyway, because the urethra in females is shorter and broader, which makes it easier for disease-causing bacteria to get into the urinary tract. A pet with female dog incontinence may also have a relaxed urinary sphincter, which makes it even easier for pathogens to enter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Female Dog Peeing, Problems
    I Have A Female Dog Thats About 10 years Old And She Has Never Peed In The House Befor (ever) and now shes peeing in the house. She Peed Three Times Last Night And Once This Right Now. And the thing Is She Tells Us When She Needs To Go Out Side. Btu She Doesnt Even Tell Us Anymore.

    Is It Hormones Or What?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a urinary tract infection or the beginning of kidney disease.You need to take the dog to a vet.

    does my dog have a sex hormone deficiency or excess?
    my male 2 year old jack russell attracts other male dogs to 'hump' him. they play for a while then suddenly the other male will persistently try to hump mine. it is at the point where my boy gets very very distressed and shakes and goes and hides.

    he has been castrated and has no other health problems that i am aware of. he is a normal playful and happy dog until this happens.

    could it be an excess of female hormone?

    does anyone else have a similar problem.

    many thanks

    • ANSWER:
      This is a common side effect of castration which the neuter police never mention.
      Castrated dogs frequently attract the attention of entire dogs because their altered hormone levels send a very confusing message.

    why is my female dog still having a brown discharge from her vulva after delivering puppies 45 days ago?
    My dog had a complicated labor for 3 puppies. She needed emergency c-section and only three puppies survived. One died because he spent too much time stuck in the birth canal. Its been 45 days and my dog still has a brown discharge coming from her vulva. She spent 10 days on antibiotics and still has the problem. What could it be? What should I do? The vetsays she wants to try hormone injections...Help Please!

    • ANSWER:
      Your vet is correct,this pet should be given a steroid or the hormone injections,as she may have infection within her uterous. Vet should have cleaned her uterous very well after doing the c-section making sure no junk was left in there.