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Frequently Asked Questions

    Weight gain after stopping birth control.?
    I am 31 and have been taking birth control for 11 years. I discontinued taking them 1.5 months ago. I have gained 8 pounds since. My weight does not normally fluxuate and I have been approximately the same weight for 2.5 years. I have not changed my diet nor my activity level. I realize I have changed my hormone levels, but I have never gained weight when stopping birth control in the past. How long before my hormones are regulated, and should my weight stabilize and return to normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Ok....let me start by saying this isn't meant to sound offensive.

      It could be because your older now. As people get older there metabolism starts slowing down. So when your hormone levels changed mixed with your metabolism you probably gained. The other thing is when you go off birth control sometimes you gain water weight.

      I *think* its 3 months for your body to adjust after you go off birthcontrol. So I would wait that long, till them maybe add some more activity if your worried about your weight.

      Good luck!

    after using birth control will it change the way some skin creams work for you.?
    because i had been using Amby's discoloration cream for a year in a half and it was working great for me and after i started on birth control it stop, AFTER A YEAR IN A HALF OR USE, so i was given the advise to try something different because of the changes from my birth control. so i did and I've now tried about ten other different products and nothing works for me do you think its my body change and if so how can i restore my bodies hormones after using birth control because i have a real big problem with blemishes.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP APPRECIATED.

    • ANSWER:
      yes it can. your hormones and everthing changes. some can even cause skin discoloration. talk to your doctor/ derm about it since meds are involved. im on a different form or bc and i notice blemishes popping up too. right now since my skin is so sensitive im using organic tea tree oil soap and a blemish stick both by dessert essence. it took about a month but im breaking out less and the stick makes pimples heal in a day or 3. u can find them at an organic food store most likely

    Gettin off birth control after 11 years. What will change?
    Im 25 years old and ive been taking birth control now for 11 years every day. Ive never had an oops or nothing. What will change after stopping? Will my periods be alot different now that im not on the pill? Also, ive been eating right and working out to loose 50 lbs. Will be being off the pill help me loose faster bc of the hormones?

    • ANSWER: