Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance In Dogs

Pcos Acne - Hormone Imbalance Acne Facts You Should Know About

If you suffer from PCOS Acne, these hormone imbalance acne facts can help.

What Is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a problem that is caused by a hormonal imbalance. It affects about 5% - 10% of women during their childbearing years. Symptoms usually are noticed when the patient is a teenager, but sometimes they are not noticed until later or not at all.

What Are The Symptoms of PCOS?

All patients with PCOS will experience irregular or no menstrual cycles. In addition to this other symptoms may or may not include:

-Excess hair on face, back, chest or stomach

Other signs that you may have PCOS include:

-weight gain
-oily skin
-high cholesterol
-high blood pressure

PCOS Diagnosis

The diagnosis of PCOS needs to be done by a doctor. The doctor will diagnosis PCOS by determining the number of symptoms, by ruling out other causes and by conducting tests such as a blood test.

PCOS Treatment

Treatment of PCOS through the use of birth control pills or a medication called metformin can help manage the hormonal imbalance that is causing the syptoms. Metformin (Glucophage) is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. This drug affects the action of insulin and is helpful in reducing the PCOS symptoms.

If other treatments are unsuccessful, a surgical procedure known as ovarian drilling may help women who have not responded to other treatments for PCOS. In this procedure a small portion of ovarian tissue is destroyed by the use of an electric current delivered through a needle inserted into the ovary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a black lab aged 6. and im so stuck!. at about 2 years old he started to get a bald patch around his eyes, after that over a few months practically all of his fur on his back legs and tail and bum went. and it hasn't come back fully since. vets put it straight down to mites. done skin scraping and never found anything. then their next diagnosis was allergies so they gave him steroids because his fur would sometimes come back (not fully) but he would look near enough like a black lab again then a few weeks later it would go. allergies made sense for a while because he has oily smelly skin and he nibbles to point of bleeding and his paws in between his toes are red raw sometimes. they gave him steroids which he was on for a bout a year and a half. made no difference so i went back and demanded something else to be done because it wasn't only driving him mad it was driving me mad to having to watch him scratch and bite himself stupid...the vets then done another scraping and found nothing. she mentioned he had a yeast infection from the scratching which is what was causing the smell and greasy hair. i now have a shampoo which i have to do twice a week but still doesn't seem to be making any difference, if anything he is scratching more and his paws are now quite red a sore...i have spent hours on the internet finding out what is could all possibly be. i have read his symptoms could be linked to
    1; allergies
    2: mites (mange)
    3: yeast infection
    4: thyroid problems
    5: hormone imbalance

    Here are his symptoms
    1: hair loss back legs, bum, eyes, belly now on his front legs
    2: thick greasy hair (foisty smell)
    3: hot sensitive skin
    4: constant scratching every where
    5: flaky skin (dry)
    6: sore, itchy patches between the toes. scrapes his feet along the floor as if hes been in stinging nettles.
    7: would sometimes come accros as grumpy, no energy.
    8: quite large nipples as if he is a bitch and finished feeding (no distcharge)

    his weight is fine, infact hes a big and strong lab.
    im thinking of getting him castrated. but with it costing £60 its something i cant just go and get done. but i am haoping to get it done within the next couple of months.
    i want to get this sorted so much as he is my baby and he is such a lovely dog with such a gorgous personality. he was a kenneled dog but he now in the house with and as you can imagin the smel and fur is almost impossible to keep under controll. he eats fine has a typical appatite of a dog (wants everything i have) the suggested a blood test to do more allergy tests but this would cost about £250 to £300. im considering taking out a loan somehow or something and just telling them to get it sorted properly but its not that easy. my dad has spent nearly £1000 on him over the last 4 years. he has been to 4 different kinds of vets. im so desperate to get this sorted. i cant walk him during the day incase people look at him and think he is being miss treated. it would kill me if anyone could think that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOME HELP ME, IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS HAD THIS PROBLEM AND HAS FOUND SOLUTIONS THEN PLEASE HELP ME!
    thanks every one!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you taken him to a veterinary endocrine specialist?
      This sounds like an endocrine problem, not a skin issue - that's just a symptom.
      It could well be Cushings Disease, which can be determined by a test:

      I would suggest you get him to a specialist - they will know how to pin this down much faster, and get you on the road to managing it correctly.

      Here is a support group online as well:

    What is wrong with my dog?
    My dog was happy, healthy, energetic, loved dogs and people, loved the outdoors, great appetite, the perfect doggy until that fatal day she went into heat. She is three, this isn't her first but I got her as an adult so don't know how many she has had. I am eager to get her spayed and so the day she came into heat I told myself it would certainly be her last! Her heat went horribly wrong, it's lasted far too long, she bled for 4weeks straight. When it was over I made arrangements to have her checked out, the vet said she had a hormone imbalance and she could develop a phantom pregnancy. A few days later she got an infection in the uterus, I took her back to the vets and they diagnosed it as vaginitis and prescribed her antibiotics (would like to add that no once during the heat and antibiotics course was she let off leash). After the course finished, the infection went for a day and then came back, I took her back to the vets on which they gave me a longer antibiotics course, at this point they said that it was safe to let her off leash again as her heat would be safely over, so I did... What a mistake. I noticed since the start of her course she was getting more difficult to walk... She just didn't want to go! The day I let her off for the first time, she nearly had to be dragged to the park... But I thought once she got to exercise again she would be happier. She lagged behind me off leash, didn't venture anywhere, I was about to give up and take her back home when it happened, she viciously attacked an older female dog that was merely walking by. I was horrified, she has never shown anything by playfulness and happiness with any dog. I apologised and took her home, she has not been let off around other dogs since. After more research I found that the antibiotics she was were quite aggressive and have been renown for having serious side effects. She was half way through her second course and I made the decision to take her off them. This was four days ago, also need to mention she has loss her appetite almost to the point of not eating at all throughout all of this. in the past four days she is still dog aggressive, still won't run and play.... Her appetite is increasing very very slowly and she is a slightly more interested with going on walks again. But she still isn't the same, she's inactive, has even started going for our cat which I've never seen before, she won't tolerate other dogs (though a select few she is ok with, these are random, though almost always male). When I let her off in safe dog free areas she still mopes about, if I sit down, she does, she isn't bothered about exploring or even being out, she just wants to sit down and do nothing. The vets keep telling me she has a hormone imbalance! What the heck, she is a completely different animal! I have to wait another month and a half to have her spayed. How long does I take for hormones to relax after the dogs heat?? Today I noticed she now has mucus in her stool. It's like her body is at war with itself in there, could ANYONE shed any light on this with personal experience? If the vets say hormone imbalance one more time I'll freak, I just want more answers! The vets are closed now today, I plan on phoning again tomorrow. Does this sound like a heat related hormone imbalance on which will return to normal when the hormones start to relax? How long will it take for her hormones to relax after spaying? Has anyone heard of these symptoms before? It's like she has had a HUGE personality change! :-(

    • ANSWER:

    Question for the pregnant ladies out there!?
    I"m quite sure I'm not pregnant, that's what the tests say, I'm on cd45 with no period but negative test.

    I think I'm havin ga hormonal imbalance which my doctor has said are a lot like pregnancy symptoms.

    But all weekend smells and sights have been making me sick. I drove by road kill adn had to swallow water to keep it down, the smell of my dog peeing makes me want to vomit but it's not an upset stomach but a gag reflex.

    Can hormones do that?

    What' sthe longest it took for you to have a bfp? I hear some people take awhile to get a bfp , I'm not really one of those people who are in the 'rare' category but I"m just curious.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, hormones can do that to you.

      The longest it took me to get a bfp was 18dpo. But, I didn't test until then, so who knows how soon I could have gotten one.