Thyroid Problems In Women After Pregnancy

Complications of Having Thyroid Problems urdu In Women

Thyroid problems in women d 00004000 epends on the age but for the benefit of everyone, they are addressed generally. Thyroid problems in women often cause symptoms that include heart disease, risk of miscarriage, and premature delivery during pregnancy, joint pain and weight gain .

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Obesity and joint pain are presented in women over age fifty . Heart disease indication together with infertility may come along on the child-bearing age of women.

An increase in blood pressure for the first three months (Pre-eclampsia) could result to improper development of the fetus because of the thyroid problems .

Gaining weight during pregnancy may not always be related to the fact that you are pregnant, but because of the increased blood pressure, it may also cause you to gain extra weight .

Thyroid problems in women causes irregularities in menstruation. From the definition Hyperthyroidism have shorter, lighter or infrequent menstruation while Hypothyroidism have heavier, more frequent and painful periods .

Women with Hypothyroidism show signs of Lethargy or Fatigue and tiredness despite the adequate hours of sleep . Thyroid problems in women with Hypothyroidism causes their body temperature to decrease and cold when others are not .

Women generally have sedentary lifestyle that does not allow enough room for the digestion of the foods they eat . Thyroid problems in women causes weight gain rapidly along with the lethargy and low energy .

Grave's disease result from Hyperthyroidism once detected from thyroid problems in women. Severe neck enlargement and bulging-large eyes or Exopthalmos are conditions that Grave's Disease brings .

The effect of grave's disease in thyroid problems in women causes exhaustion and unable to function well on daily basis .

If Grave's disease continues without detection, it would result to heart attack and other complications .

Thyroid problems in women may also occur after giving birth . The term Post-Partum Thyroiditis is applied with the presence of inflammation of the thyroid that occurs in the first year after childbirth, miscarriage, or induced abortion .

There are many complications more than the woman's body can afford the thyroid problems in women brings . With an illness like this, it is best to refer with the Physician's care plan once it is diagnosed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Thyroid and Pregnancy?
    HI All,

    Recently I was diagnosed with high thyroid levels (7.05). I m also getting pain in my throat while swallowing or coughing or talking.

    I have read some where in the internet that the woman who has thyroid problem becomes pregnant then the child will have less IQ than the child who was born for a normal woman.

    So my question is - If the woman who has high thyroid levels takes treatment and uses medicines during pregnancy, then also will it impact on baby's IQ? So even after taking the treatment then also will the child be born with less IQ?

    Please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      7.05 is probably your TSH. That is way too high. Are you pregnant? If so, in some ways you are lucky, because a lot of women cannot get pregnant with a TSH that high, or end up miscarrying. If you ARE already pregnant, please start taking thyroid replacement (work it out with your doctor). Off levels of thyroid hormone can cause other problems for the baby, possibly even heart defects, etc.

      Have you had you FREE T4 tested, too? If that is too low, there have been studies that have shown that low levels of FREE T4 will affect the size of the baby's brain growth. A lot of doctors do not test for FREE T4 regularly (sometimes regular T4, but that doesn't tell you anything useful). Free T4 should be in the top half of the lab ranges for an ideal pregnancy.

      Have you had your thyroid antibodies tested? they can mess with a pregnancy too!

    Do they do a pregnancy test on women when getting a routine blood test for Thyroids/ Diabetes?
    I recently went in for a pap smear and to get blood drawn for diabetes and thyroid problem i also had to give a urine sample im not sure what for beings they were testing me for a few different things. A few days after my pap i was expecting to start my period a week later i still did not start so i took a pregnancy test. It was negative. i was just wondering if when they test your blood if they automatically do a pregnancy test even though thats not what the test was ordered for?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless they suspect pregnancy they probably wouldn't order the test automatically since you or your insurance would have to pay for the test. You should probably be able to call your doctor's office or if you had the blood drawn at a Quest Lab and you set up an online account you might be able to get your results online. Good luck.

    Diagnosed with Oglio Ovulation, Possible Endometriosis, and Thyroid abnormalties!?
    In 2007 my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. My husband and I kept ttc and after 7 months of charting and using ovulation prediction kits we successfully conceived our daughter. I had a horrible pregnancy. I was diagnosed with a "threatend miscarriage" due to heavy bleeding for weeks, I had severe morning sickness that required a Picc IV line and 24 hour IV fluids and IV Zofran, and then I developed severe preclampisa towards the end and had to be induced early.

    After I had my daughter my cycles returned to normal 28 days. At the end of last year they slowly became longer and longer. Now I have cycles of 50 or more days. (I'm on day 71 with no period!) I went to my ob/gyn who said I have Oglio Ovulation (I rarely ovulate) and he thinks I might have a slight case of Endometriosis that might require a burning procedure in the next few months. I found out this morning that my thyroid levels were off and that they believe that's keeping me from ovulating.

    My Ob has informed me if we wish to ttc again that we would need to do so with fertility treatments. My husband and I have been discussing it in some detail. He wants 1 more child, and our daughter is 20 months now. I go see my Ob again on the 8th of July and we are going to tell him that we are ready to begin fertility treatments and get the process underway!

    Has any other women had similiar problems and successful stories? I read that Thyroid problems can make it difficult to become pregnant and stay pregnant. I really believe that's the reason for my first miscarriage and for the difficulty I had with my daughter, but I was undiagnosed at the time.

    Thanks for any stories!

    • ANSWER: