Thyroid Problems In Women Over 40

Bid Adieu To Thyroid Problems With Thyroid Armour

Thyroid gland located near the Adams apple around the throat regulates the metabolism rate of the body- the rate at which body burns calories from food to get energy. Thyroid gland gets lumpier and frequency of the nodules also increases with age. Thyroid nodules are more common in women than men. The majority of thyroid nodules are benign and do not pose any problem but if untreated, it can also lead to throat cancer and other complications.
The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland that secrets a hormone called Thyroxine in blood stream. A decline in the secretion of hormone gives birth to a problem called hypothyroidism and excess secretion of the hormone is called hyperthyroidism. The former can lead weight gain, cold feet, and other associated disorders while the latter can lead to weight loss, pain in jaw or ear, compression of esophagus causing difficulty in swallowing. In addition to risk of cancer, thyroid nodules also contain lymphoma which can lead to cancer of the immune system. The root cause of thyroid nodules is not very clear but lack of iodine in diet and family history are common causes. With little care and attention, it is possible to combat thyroid problems.
Thyroid supplements are very effective in treating these disorders. It comes in two forms- Whole natural supplements and synthetic supplements. Whole natural thyroids prove to be very efficient as it contains fuller spectrum of thyroid hormone like T1, T2, T3, and T4. Synthetic versions of thyroid supplements contain only one of the thyroid hormones. To determine the right amount of dosage, it is important to measure particular hormone called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). TSH levels and thyroid levels share an inverse relationship. Lower the TSH levels, higher the thyroid levels. As thyroid functioning changes with age, it is important to constantly monitor TSH levels to determine the right quantity of thyroid supplements. Thyroid Armour is the new and improved drug that helps in controlling the thyroid levels. Thyroid deficiency is most common in women aged over 40 years. However, men and teenagers can also fall prey to victim especially it runs in family.
Dosage of thyroid extracts depends on age and thyroid conditions. Ideally, 15 mg to 30 mg with gradual increase to 60 mg after few weeks should suffice. One grain equivalent to 60 mg of thyroid armour with occasional temperature monitoring and blood tests are potent. If you face any difficulties in terms of high temperature, high resting pulse rate, stop the usage and consult a physician. Remember, with healthy changes in lifestyle and diet, it is possible to overcome thyroid problems.

About the Author:
john wilson is a cancer specialist in a america.he is practicing in a hospital for a long time. now john wilson is researching on a major desease called thyroid. thyroid supplements and thyroid armour are effective for treating T1,T2,T3,T4 and TSH.thyroid armour is also effective to control the thyroid level.if u take a good diet,then u can overcome thyroid problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Over 40 days since my last period, and 3 neg preg tests?
    My last period started on February 14th, 2008 and I have not had it since. I did spot about 2 weeks ago, I have had 3 neg urine pregnancy tests, one of which was at the dr.'s office. At that time they tested me for thyroid problems and tested my glucose, both test came back normal. My fiance and I have been trying to conceive, but are discouraged with the negative results. I have had somem signs of pregnancy like spotting, fatigue, and being bloated, food aversion, and heightned sense of smell. I have had no major changes in my life to cause stress, and I am a healthy woman otherwise. Could i still be pregnant and just ovulated later in my cycle? Please give me your advice.
    I forgot to put that the dr. says to wait it out and if i dontn get my period within the next 2 weeks to test again and within a month to go back to the dr. Oh yeah my insurance ends on monday!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to get back to the doctor's for a blood pregnancy test... Even if you're not pregnant, your doctor should see you just to figure out why you're still not having your period.

      Good luck!!

    Info for women trying to conceive....?
    Hi Ladies,
    I know this isn't a question but i thought it was really interesting! I myself am trying to conceive ( and maybe lucky enough to have conceived im 5 days late today yay!)
    I know its really hard finding the right info cause every websites different and so on.
    Heres what i have found so far and just wanna share :)
    *Sperm can last inside the uterus for 2-5 days before you ovulate or 7 if your very fertile!
    *The average "fertile" age is 18-25 with the chance of conceiving graduly going down every 5 years after this
    *Sperm needs to be of good quality as the egg chooses the sperm
    *Ovulation occurs for 12-24 hours each month and at this time you have a 25% chance of conceiving
    *sperm is mixed with semen
    *Sperm swims and makes its way to the egg
    *you have a "mucus plug" over the top of your cervix which makes it hard/almost impossible for the sperm to penetrate before you ovulate, which it is than "melted away" and works as a ladder for the sperm to swim up this is the egg white discharge you notice
    *when your ovulating you smell is heightened and you may have sore breasts and a few cramps similar to when your experiencing a period and you will notice egg white discharge you can also record it was your temperature goes up 1 degree and stays like that until your expected period.
    *If you wish to conceive its advised to go to the doctors and have a routine checkup as sometimes there are problems with iron/thyroids that make it harder to conceive
    *when starting to conceive you need to take folic acid 3 months before hoping to become pregnant than when you are pregnant continue it for 3 months
    *it takes 2 weeks after sex to determine if your pregnant remember its not always when you have sex you conceive since sperm lasts inside the uterus for 2-7 days.
    *in those two weeks ^^ the sperm will meet the egg and make its way down the fallopian tubes than start implanting
    *After that 2 week you should start producing HCG test in your early morning urine this is when its most sensitive if its negative test again with an early home pregnancy test you can get tests that are as low as 10
    *remember HCG doubles every 2 days so keep testing
    *less than 40% of women will get a positive test before their expected period and its not advised because you can still miscarry and experience a "normal" period
    *implantation bleeding is pretty uncommon yet a lot of women do mistake it for their period
    *Most women will get a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after sex (urine test)
    *5HCG is considered Not pregnant, but not ruling out pregnancy- get a blood test in a few more days if your levels are at 5.
    *anything under 5 HCG is considered not pregnant
    *IF your worried about miscarriage or hormones left over from a miscarriage go to your doctors for a blood test they will monitor and if your levels go down your miscarriaging
    *have sex every 2nd or 3rd day, having sex every day can decrease your chance of fertility
    *couples between 18-25 should conceive within 3-6 months but if you haven't conceived within a year see a doctor
    *If you can't test with your early morning urine than hold your urine for 4 hours and do not drink any liquid in this time as the liquid dilutes it.
    *A blood test is more accurate than a urine test if you check how much HCG is in your blood
    *To be pregnant there has the be HCG present as this is the pregnancy hormone - it gets into your urine because it is in the blood stream AFTER implantation, than it goes into the kidneys and is filtered and passed in urine.
    *it is more likely to get a false negative urine test than a false negative blood test
    *false positive tests are very very uncommon
    *If you still have doubts with negative tests request an ultra sound its uncommon but can happen
    *sometimes you will have a late period and negative tests, may be that you ovulated/conceived later

    This is pretty much all i can think of for now but i hope that it helps :) i just really wanted to share some of the info i have and if i am pregnant i would be 3 weeks (just conceived as i ovulate a week before my periods due) or 5 weeks- from last period. the symptoms im getting so far are-
    *negative urine pregnancy test - on the day i missed my period (only have 26 day cycle)
    *cramps 2 days before period-possible implantation
    *a lot of discharge 2 days before period through to 5 days late but decreased each day.
    *heartburn since 2 days before missed period
    *yellow stool probably due to heartburn/indigestion apparently common in preg
    *a bit of sickness here and there
    *increased urination

    This is all i can think of but i hope that it helps, good luck and babydust
    to browneye, i know the human body works in weird and wonderful ways!! this information is all so fascinating that our body is capable to do that. I feel so privileged to be female and be able to have children. I really hope u are pregnant and i wish you lots and lots of babydust and luck!

    • ANSWER:

    how do i lose weight healthy? i'd like to lose 40 lbs by fall, i refuse to take diet pills though. thank you.?
    i have 169 lbs to get to my low health weight. i had a baby 7 months ago. and i gained about 300 lbs during the pregnancy, i had diabetes, and until i got pregnant i worked out everyday, but then i got put on limited activity so i couldn't work out anymore.

    i've never been skinny skinny, a size 8/10 is about as low as i get, and i'm fine with that, but i need to lose weight. i want to be healthy, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and just about everything else runs in my family,

    i have cut out all soda. i drink a lot of water a day. now the women in my family have a history of being big, but i just went to the dr, i have no thyroid problems, she said i will prob get diabetes later on, but i'm healthy. except i'm over weight.

    here is a pic of me before i got pregnant, and then a few of me during and after the pregnant so you get an idea, i know i cut my head out of some, i don't want the oh but you are still really pretty comments. thank you but i want to lose weight, i really have no time to work out, i walk May-Oct every year 2x a day 3/4 of a mile both times, which includes going up a long steep hill, that's' about it. thank you for any and all tips and advices and experiences

    me before i got pregnant a size 10

    me right before i had the baby a size 28

    me when the baby was 2 months old

    and me when the baby was 6 weeks old

    me now size 30/32

    thank you in advance for all your advice and help and tips. have a great rest of the weekend.
    i should add i do 100 crunches every day,

    also it's really my booty and my tummy and my arms that are big, i still have small legs, the thighs are a little larger, but the majority of my weight is from my waist up, i have linebacker shoulders my husband says, and i tummy almost as big as when i was preg, and a butt,
    oh yeah, i take prenatal vit, and iron because i'm annemic, so i do take vit now.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's the plan:

      drink 40-50 oz of water a day (if you need a fruity flavor add a lemon b/c it helps clean your liver.)
      eat every 3-4 hrs small portion of food like salad with slice of turkey
      No sugar nor sweets
      limit fruits in your diet b/c of sugar
      cardio 5x a week for 1 hr
      eat organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free foods

      email if u got any questions k? :)

      P.s- This is to lose or gain weight.

      ~Teen Nutritionist.~